Dynamic Heirarchical Task List

  1. *Friends
    1. *Tell Steve that I'm going.
    2. *Let Mark know.
    3. *Let Devon know.
  2. *Legal
    1. *Taxes
      1. *Contact Very Old Employer and get W2 info for 1997.
      2. *Find a tax accountant worth the name who can grok my situation.
      3. *Find out what needs to be done for the Franchise Tax Board.
      4. *File Federal & State (CA) for 1997, and Federal for 1998 and 1999.
    2. *Vehicle
      1. *Find out gritty details of speeding ticket and resolution.
      2. *Get car insurance up here, in preperation for going down there.
      3. *Register my car in California, eventually.
      4. *Get a California drivers license, eventually.
  3. *Work
    1. *Sign offer letter and return it.
      1. *Sign offer letter.
      2. *FedEx offer letter back to new employer.
    2. *Contact HR at Old Employer and exercise my stock options.
    3. *Tell boss I'm leaving
      1. *Give three weeks notice (ending April 7th) as of this Monday.
    4. *Take everything that's mine home from Old Employer, and everything that's Old Employer's back.
      1. *Bring all my art, books, software, comics, etc., home from work.
        1. *Bring home art
        2. *Bring home comics
        3. *Bring home software
        4. *Bring home books.
      2. *Start taking my hardware back from Old Employer, drives, cards, etc.
        1. *Talk to Mark about migrating MP3's off my 10G drive to something of his that he can use after I leave.
        2. *10G hard drive in Win98 box.
        3. *Matrox Millenium II 8MB in the Linux box.
        4. *13G drive in my NT box.
        5. *Diamond Viper 550 (TNT) in my NT box.
        6. *Northgate OmniKey/ULTRA keyboard
        7. *Logitech TrackMan Marble FX mouse
        8. *PalmPilots & cradles, headphones, Quake mousepad.
        9. *Belkin OmniCube A/B box and cables.
        10. *Parallel ZIP drive.
        11. *External SCSI box.
      3. *Bring any documentation or software owned by Old Employer back.
    5. *Deinstall a LOT of software from work
      1. *Especially remove secure CRT identity data and PGP keys.
      2. *Clean off Linux and NT box at work.
    6. *Contact agency and identify that I'm not in the market anymore.
    7. *Sort papers into work / non-work.
      1. *Take non-work papers home or throw them out.
  4. *Housing
    1. *Continue cleaning my apartment.
      1. *Box books up.
      2. *Clean rooms.
        1. *Kitchen
          1. *Pitch trash and old cereal from pantry.
          2. *Clean counters off extensively. (Scrub)
          3. *Throw away the shredded and holed clothes.
          4. *Clear the floor completely and actually mop it.
          5. *Run the dishwasher, throw away unclean dishes, put away the rest.
          6. *Clear off the washer/dryer completely, putting away books, papers, etc.
          7. *Clear off the thin counter above the sink completely.
        2. *Living Room
          1. *Finish opening boxes and sorting stuff to shelves or more compact/accurate boxes.
          2. *Cut the hanging material from the recliner bottoms.
          3. *Pin down the towel that covers the shredded part of the couch.
        3. *2nd Bathroom
          1. *Throw away all current litter, including the boxed litter.
          2. *Completely empty the normal litterbox, replacing the bag and everything.
          3. *Pick everything up off floor, make it completely clean, sweep, vacuum, etc.
          4. *Clean the counters, put everything remaining under the sink.
          5. *Install the auto-catbox in the tub, so that the litter doesn't spread as much as it currently does.
          6. *Check the shower rod.
          7. *Install new light bulbs.
          8. *Buy more cat litter.
        4. *2nd Bedroom
          1. *Vacuum the floor.
          2. *Stack books, or build boxes of books for unstacking in California.
    2. *Give 30 day notice at apartment complex.
    3. *Find a place to live in Bay Area
      1. *Find an apartment for now, month to month until I know more from potential housemate friends.
      2. *Find storage because I probably won't find an apartment fast enough.
      3. *Find out if I can stay with friends until I get into an apartment.
    4. *Investigate moving costs
      1. *How much is a moving van?
      2. *Movers to fill the van?
      3. *Good boxes?
      4. *Buy a decent container for moving Shannon (my cat)?
    5. *Budget my income from this and the next paycheck.
    6. *Fly down to SJC on Confurence weekend to do final apartment stuff.
      1. *Rent a car in advance.
      2. *See if I can stay at friends place while they're all gone.
  5. *Contacts
    1. *Change Altopia contact info.
    2. *Change mailing lists (Jikes, Classpath) to point to non-work addresses.
    3. *Change all domain name information to point to a new physical address in the Bay Area.
    4. *Contact current ISP and find out how many more months of service are on the contract now.
  6. *Programming
    1. *Write a DSL monitor that falls back to a PPP link for Pamela.
    2. *Install TWIG on Pamela's site.
    3. *Write code to generate outlines like this automatically.
      1. *Add this project to Sourceforge (project dhtm).
    4. *Code up a webcam 'arrival' detection routine?
    5. *Write a Java 'Proxy' to add buttons to all web pages.
      1. *Maybe add code to parse out the sidebar under Freshmeat?
    6. *Extend the calander PHPlet.
      1. *Click on empty date value to add a new entry?
      2. *Cron job to email alerts!
      3. *Use Javascript 'layers' for line-drawing of time periods.
      4. *Small Javascript insert to pop a view up in a mini-window?
      5. *'Mail this entry' option?
      6. *Vertical proportional sizing.
      7. *ToDo List
        1. *Updates via email every X amount of time.
        2. *Ability to respond to the email and clear/mark done 'ToDo' items.
    7. *Add features to Sawmill
      1. *Add icons to my cycle display code.
      2. *Add a menu item 'Send to desktop X'
      3. *Menu item 'Save Window Settings' which will match that window and restore the settings if it sees that window again in the future.
      4. *Add a new window placement scheme 'Staggered', where each new window is offset 'NxN' from the prior except children and windows that specify their own location. Wrap to upper left (offset once) when window won't fit anymore.
      5. *Icon control of some sort?
      6. *I want keyboard access to the Panel under GNOME!
  7. *Purchases

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