Dynamic Heirarchical Task Manager: Project Purpose

Dynamic Heirarchical Task Manager

A PHP+Javascript+HTML+MySQL web-enabled database application for keeping track of heirarchical information. Current incarnation is as a ToDo list manager where you can group/outline your todo items. Completed 'ToDo' items show up in strikeout form.

Uses PHP to display a dataset from a MySQL database in heirarchical format (currently using simple ordered lists) out of a database, attaches quick editing options using a Javascript interface.

It's surprisingly quick, even over a slow dialup, because all real processing is done at the server and all real interface is done at the client. The data is displayed in textual form only at present.

To be fixed: I'd like to get the code before a larger audience, get some people interested in helping, and making suggestions.

Long term, I hope for it to become a substantial yet easy-to-use, entirely web-based remote collaborative heirarchical task manager and outliner.

Look at some sample output to see what it produces. When Sourceforge sets me up a MySQL server I'll put up a 'live' DB for it.

For now, it won't work (it'll give a 'post' error), but you can click around and see what it does... (Yes, this is an actual copy out of my current moving plans, as I'm resigning my current job and moving down to the SF Bay Area. I actually wrote this application to help me track that, and now I'm putting it up for others to check out and maybe use if they're interested.)

In reality all that is generated by a PHP script which is currently in CVS, although the DB creation SQL isn't yet.

Last but not least, you can explore the primary Sourceforge project page for more info and web read-access to the CVS tree.

Written by: Morgan Schweers

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